BEFED Mulino reopens, the historic meeting place for the youth of Settimo Torinese

From October 27th, the famous ‘Chicken & Beer’ formula returns with evening entertainment, now also aimed at families and children. 600 square meters of premises with 250 seats. Significant employment effects: 20 employees at the opening set to increase thanks to the agreement between Blooming Group and BEFED Franchising srl.

BEFED Settimo Torinese Mulino reopens after four years, the very popular restaurant where the youth of Settimo used to gather for evenings of grilled chicken, beer, and music, and it returns to being a reference gathering point now also designed for families and children.

On Thursday, October 27th, at 6:30 pm, BEFED Settimo Torinese Mulino will reopen its doors in Piazza Freidano with a grand inaugural celebration, attended by the Municipal Administration, featuring tastings of Chicken and Beer and musical entertainment by TOradio DJs.

“The reopening of a venue that has marked the history of Settimo is good news from many points of view,” emphasizes Chiara Gaiola, the councilor for commerce of the Municipality of Settimo. “It is a positive signal for commerce in a complex period and also ensures the consolidation of the social, aggregative, and cultural function of the area, which, in addition to BEFED, integrates public spaces of significant importance for our community: the Ecomuseum of Freidano with its exhibition space, the Emporio solidale, a hub of inclusive welfare, and the outdoor spaces that we have long used to host events and initiatives.”

The new BEFED Settimo Torinese Mulino offers 250 seats from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, in a 600 square meter venue renovated for greater sustainability and better usability. During the opening phase, there will be 20 employees, with the number expected to increase in the following months.

You can enjoy the famous BEFED Chickens, an exclusive selection from Valle Spluga, raised on the ground and cooked on live embers according to the secret recipe that makes them always appetizing, delicate, tender, with a fine and slightly spicy taste. To be paired with BEFED Beer, strictly artisanal, blonde or red, on tap or in bottles, also offered in many different seasonal shades. And from 10:30 pm, plenty of music and entertainment with evening entertainment until 1:00 am.

BEFED Settimo Torinese Mulino is aimed at both young people, who represent the historical target of the venue, and families and children, who will be welcomed in a dedicated area with many games and a menu tailored to the little ones.

The reopening was made possible by the agreement between Blooming Group and BEFED Franchising for the development of the brand, which had already seen the opening of the venue at Settimo Cielo Retail Park.

“We are particularly proud of this opening,” emphasizes Maurizio Cimmino, Executive Vice President of Blooming Group, the 100% Italian company based in Turin specialized in creating, expanding, and managing networks of sales points for quality brands in the food sector. “We strongly wanted to give the territory an important reference point again, which can once again bring together young people, but also families, in a pleasant, safe, sustainable, and decidedly cheerful environment. Blooming thus confirms its interest in developing restaurants in the area with significant immediate and future employment effects.”

“Thanks to the collaboration with Blooming Group, the expansion plan of BEFED Franchising in Italy has continued, strengthening its presence in Piedmont and Veneto,” says Gianpietro D’Adda, president and CEO of BEFED Franchising srl. “A few months before the end of 2022, I can only be satisfied with how the year has gone and with the imminent and important projects, both offline and online, for 2023, certainly of interest to Chicken lovers.”

Blooming Group SpA is an industrial group in the food & beverage sector. Born in 2017 with the creation of BKNO, today Blooming is the Italian leader in the retail sector with the brands Burger King, BEFED, Il Barbiere, and with its own brands Lab, Il Barotto, and Gallo’s. “We nurture brands” is the claim that guides its development, territorially widespread in the main regions of Northern Italy. A strong focus on sustainability and the centrality of people completes the values of the group, which counts over 500 employees. An experienced management leads the company with the strong ambition to grow, supporting employment and the development of the territories in which it operates.

BEFED was born in 1996 from the idea of four friends to create a pub where it was possible to recreate the same atmosphere they had among themselves. Today, after more than 20 years, BEFED is a recognized brand in Retail Food and there are over 36 pubs in Italy and abroad. The development plan for 2022-2023 for BEFED Franchising will be both territorial, with new openings, and in terms of innovation and renewal starting from the revision of the menu – even more focused on Chicken and Craft Beer but, at the same time, more inclusive and open to different needs, with vegetarian and vegan proposals and a menu dedicated to children – but also in the digital and customer service field.

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