Blooming Group and Rossopomodoro together for a new venue in Nichelino, on the outskirts of Turin

Neapolitan pizza arrives at the I Viali shopping center in Nichelino, on the outskirts of Turin, with a new Rossopomodoro venue. On December 15th at 7:00 PM, the restaurant opens with an open and free inauguration party, and from the following day, approximately 90 covers will be available for lunch and dinner seven days a week. There is also an interesting employment impact for the area, with 15 employees hired for the opening, with more expected to join later.

In the new venue with the unmistakable Rossopomodoro layout, which offers a view of Naples in every corner with typical furnishings and decorations, you can enjoy the famous traditional pizza that has been made for over 20 years with the artisanal craftsmanship of Neapolitan pizza makers and chefs. Here, the quality of the raw materials and the choice of excellent suppliers guarantee a high-level product. Pizza, snacks, fried pizza, but also pasta, meat, salads, side dishes, and desserts are offered in an environment that aims to provide the experience of “a day in Naples.”

The opening was made possible by the collaboration initiated between Rossopomodoro and Blooming Group, the 100% Italian company based in Turin specialized in creating, expanding, and managing networks of quality food brands, which sees in this venue the first concrete step in a path for the development of the famous Neapolitan pizza brand.

“With this restaurant,” emphasizes Maurizio Cimmino, Executive Vice President of Blooming Group, “we not only start the collaboration with one of the most important brands in the Italian restaurant industry, but we are also particularly proud to bring a high-quality service to an area that offers interesting development opportunities for the food sector. We could not have a better partner, as confirmed by Rossopomodoro’s entry into the list of the 50 best pizzerias in the world. We hope that the one in Nichelino is the first of a long series of Rossopomodoro restaurants managed by Blooming.”

“Another new opening for this prosperous 2022 that confirms the relentless pace of Rossopomodoro’s growth in Italy,” confirms Nicola Saraceno, CEO of Rossopomodoro, “especially in Piedmont, where we are already present with many points of sale. We are happy to create new partnerships that allow us to make our brand and our quality accessible to more and more customers. Our network will continue to expand, and although it’s the end of the year, the new openings planned don’t stop here.”

Blooming Group SpA is an industrial group in the food & beverage sector. Born in 2017 with the creation of BKNO, today Blooming is the Italian leader in the retail sector with the brands Burger King, Befed, Il Barbiere, Alice Pizza, Rossopomodoro, and its own Lab, Il Barotto, and Gallo’s brands. “We nurture brands” is the slogan that guides its development, territorially widespread in the main regions of Northern Italy. Strong attention to sustainability and the centrality of people complete the group’s values, which has over 500 employees. An experienced management team leads the company with the strong ambition to grow by supporting employment and the development of the territories where it operates.

Rossopomodoro is the largest chain of Neapolitan pizzerias in the world, composed of over 3000 people, including 400 pizza makers and chefs, who work in 100 pizzeria restaurants in Italy and abroad. Rossopomodoro’s experience is summarized in its claim “like a day in Naples,” which means immersing oneself in the history, culture, and flavors of Naples in any Rossopomodoro, whether in Italy or around the world. Rossopomodoro restaurants are located in the historic centers of the most important Italian cities, such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Palermo, Bari, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Perugia, in various tourist locations from North to South, as well as in major stations and airports and in many shopping centers in Italy and abroad.

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