Blooming Group opens the first Alice Pizza in Turin

Opened just a few weeks after the signing of the agreement between Blooming Group SpA and Alice Pizza SpA, the first of the six planned locations in the territory of Turin and Piedmont over the next 2 years opens with an employment impact of approximately 60 people.

The new Alice Pizza opens at via Nizza 359, in the Lingotto area of Turin, on Tuesday, December 20th at 6:00 PM with an inaugural celebration and free tastings throughout the evening. The pizzeria, offering take-away and delivery services, will be open every day from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM with a rich selection of pizza by the slice that has made the brand famous since 1990. Renowned for its lightness, Alice pizza owes its success to the recipe of the dough, unchanged for over 30 years, characterized by a very small amount of yeast, about 2.5 grams per kilogram of dough, and a fermentation of at least 24 hours at controlled temperature. The dough is then hand-worked and delicately stretched into trays. Finally, it is topped and baked at high temperatures for several minutes in the oven.

“We wanted to open the first Alice Pizza in Turin,” emphasizes Maurizio Cimmino, Executive Vice President of Blooming Group, “in a rapidly expanding area, just a few dozen meters from the Piedmont Region skyscraper, which will gradually populate over the coming months, bringing with it a growing demand for services and shops. We are proud to bring a brand like Alice, of primary importance in the food sector and in full development, right here to an area that, we are certain, will bring great satisfaction. But it doesn’t end here; we are already working on the next openings both in Turin and in the rest of Piedmont.”

“This opening represents the first piece of the collaboration with Blooming,” says Gianfranco Tibollo, Business Development Manager of Alice Pizza. “Turin, along with Rome and Milan, will be a reference point for the development of the Alice concept and brand nationwide, and Blooming is the right partner to achieve even greater goals.”

Blooming Group SpA is an industrial group in the food & beverage sector. Established in 2017 with the creation of BKNO, today Blooming is the Italian leader in retail with the brands Burger King, Befed, Alice Pizza, Rossopomodoro, Il Barbiere, and its own Lab, Il Barotto, and Gallo’s brands. “We nurture brands” is the slogan that guides its development, territorially spread across the main regions of Northern Italy. Strong attention to sustainability and the centrality of people complete the group’s values, which boasts over 500 employees. An experienced management team leads the company with the strong ambition to grow, supporting employment and the development of the territories in which it operates.

Alice Pizza was founded in Rome in 1990 and today is one of the largest Italian food retail companies, characterized by a simple, entirely artisanal, high-quality product and a unique format in the world of pizza but very accessible. With a heritage of over 60 recipes of Roman and Italian tradition tray pizzas, Alice has 190 pizzerias, in Italy and abroad, and more than 2000 employees. In 2019, the company saw the entry of an Italian investment fund, IDeA Taste of Italy, which plans an even tighter development but with the same objective as the founder: to promote slice pizza in Italy and worldwide.

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